LJ Idol: Guilty pleasures

LJ Idol contest post: . . . guilty pleasures

I glance around furtively. No one’s in sight: hubby’s off making a sandwich, the houseguests are laughing in front of the TV, and even the dog is snoring away in the other room.

I can do it! This time, I’m just going to look. I promise. No, really.

_www.ebay.com_ _search: Micky Dolenz_

Oh, look! A solo CD I’ve never heard of! And starting at 99 cents! Well, it can’t hurt to just place one bid . . . d’oh! Well, I won’t click to confirm . . . oops! That’s OK . . . it’ll probably sell for tons more than that.

*It won’t hurt to just take a QUIIICK look around*

_search: rubber stamp House Mouse_

Awwww! Those are TOO cute. I know I have so many of them already. And these start off a bit expensive–$7.00 for the larger ones. But those will make the front of a greeting card or thank-you note, stamped by themselves. And here’s one that comes with three sayings! I might just look at that listing a little closer . . . oops, that was Buy It Now! Oh, well, it’s the only thing I’m going to get. I’m not going to browse the seller’s other . . . WHOA! Look at that!

Three of the smaller individual mouse stamps, and they’re Easter stamps. The little mouse carrying an Easter egg, a larger one making a basket, and OH that’s SO cute a tiny mouse staring a chocolate bunny in the face worshipfully. These can go on the outside of the envelope. I just got those watercolor pencils, and I haven’t had a chance to use them.

And you NEVER see the Penny Black mice:

Okay, I’ve got to get off this site. But y’know, I always like to check one more thing. . . .

_search: vintage sewing patterns dresses_

YIPE! Would you take a LOOK at how many vintage patterns somebody’s got up. “Deadstock”? Be still, my heart . . . “deadstock” is old patterns that they’ve found in a box or warehouse. It’s stuff that didn’t get put up on a sale shelf back in the 1950s or 1960s and recently was rediscovered. The patterns are uncut, intact, yellowed a bit but none the worse for wear. I have to peek at some of those listings.

EEEEEeee, I can’t believe it! Here’s a vintage A-line minidress pattern that’s EXACTLY like the one my grandmother sewed for me when I was in fourth grade. I mean, it’s not a girls’ size 12 like I wore then (shut up–back in the 1970s, a size 18 then was the equivalent of a size 10 now in measurements; vanity sizing has won out. Go research it yourself if you don’t believe me.)

Oops, I clicked on bid, but I can’t help it. This one’s special!

And on the front cover, it’s made up in exactly the psychopathic lime green that my dress was. It’s got this cute self-belt thing going on just in front, and the belt is anchored by huge buttons. That is EXACTLY like mine. We have a photo of me leaving for the first day of school that year wearing this dress and a fringed suede jacket (because it was cold) and my white vinyl go-go boots. (Shut up, it was the late 1960s and they came from Kmart and had big white vinyl tassels on the zippers!) I’m carrying one of those ubiquitous purses made out of a wooden cigar box. They had little scenes painted on the front and embellished with fake jewels and black cording. Those were so Texas-characteristic.
You don’t suppose someone’s selling those purses?

_search: vintage purse wooden box_

Wow! Here’s one just like my mother’s, an authentic Gary Gail of Dallas. Hers had an owl. Mine had a dachshund–it was an Enid Collins box bag of Dallas with a round mirror mounted inside for checking one’s lip gloss (that stuff in the thumb-sized metal tin with the sliding lid, “Village Strawberry.” Or that London company.) My best friend carried one with a turtle and a tortoiseshell (plastic) handle.

Here’s the pic of the ones in the auction.

Now, who could resist that? And starting at just $7 for the pair.

I’d better get off. Just one more thing to check. . . .

_search: Franciscan Starburst pottery_

Yep, they have the platter. Mine’s in better condition than the one they’re selling. My mother brought our set back from California in the 1950s when she and Daddy drove down the coast. It’s become a Midcentury Modern icon and a kitsch favorite. I just always thought of it as our good china. Anyway, this is all so high-priced. But this divided vegetable bowl looks reasonable, no chips or cracks. . . .

A voice from behind me. “What are you DOING?”

*click* “Nothing, dear. Just looking at pictures of dishes.”

“You’re supposed to be working on your novel.” (suspiciously) That wasn’t eBay, was it?”

“Of course not! That’s a guilty pleasure. And you know I’ve sworn off them for Lent.” *scrabbling for any distraction* Hey, isn’t that an Instant Message on your screen from your World of Warcraft guy?

He looks away and I close the browser window. That was a close one!

What are YOUR guilty pleasures?


Author: shalanna

Shalanna: rhymes with "Madonna" and "I wanna," and is not a soundalike with "Hosanna" or "Sha-Na-Na." Aging hippie with long hair, husband, elderly mother, and yappy Pomeranian. I've been writing since I could hold a crayon. I started with fiction, which Mama said was "lying." “Don’t tell stories,” she would admonish, in Southern vernacular. “That's all in your imagination!” When grownups said this, they were not approving. So, shamed, I stopped telling stories for a few years--rather, I stopped letting anyone read them. I'm married to a fellow computer nerd who doesn't really like hearing about writing, but who reads sf/fantasy and understands the creative drive. I'm actually a nonconformist/hippie still wearing bluejeans and drop earrings and the Alice-in-Wonderland hair with headbands and sandals. Favorite flavor is chocolate/orange, favorite color is either Dreamsicle orange (cantaloupe) or bubble-gum pink, favorite musical is either Bye Bye Birdie, Rocky Horror, or The Producers . . . wait, I also love The Music Man. Is this getting way too specific and irrelevant yet? Obvious why I don't sell a ton of flash fiction, isn't it? To define oneself, I always say, it is good to make a list. How about a booklist? Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth, Cheaper by the Dozen C.S.Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (all the Narnia books) J.R.R.Tolkien,The Hobbit/LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy Gail Godwin, The Odd Woman F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby J. D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye (before dismissing it, actually read it) George Orwell, 1984 Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle Donna Tartt, The Secret History Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn James Allen, As A Man Thinketh Mark Winegardner, Elvis Presley Boulevard James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum Winnie-the-Pooh/House at Pooh Corner, A. A. Milne Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie The KJV and NIV Bible (each translation has its glories)

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