Communication reversals or difficulties going on

Mercury is in retrograde through the end of this month, so bear that in mind whenever you get communications that are confusing or messed up. That may be part of the reason that the Huge Cultural Appropriation Dust-Up has been happening across LJ.

Don’t worry–I am taking pains to be sure I can properly portray my Arabic/Lebanese woman character in the new mystery. If I decide I can’t, I’ll just make her Midwestern . . . that’s foreign enough. *GRIN* Or Canadian! Really, I don’t want this character to be a stereotype or whatever, and I certainly don’t know what it’s like to BE Arabic in our society–although I wasn’t trying to portray that, as I’m not writing from her POV at all. I’m showing other characters’ reactions to her and the difficulties she encounters after the murder in chapter three and the “profiling” that goes on that leads to her becoming a suspect. If it doesn’t work out as a good misdirection for the mystery, it goes poof.

Also, I have a cold or something. Sore throat, constant post-nasal drip down the back of the throat, earache. Phooey.

Did I mention the potty in the half-bath (Mama’s neck of the woods, attached to the playroom where she has her bedroom/lair–pretty appropriate, after all) decided to barf the other day and I ended up having to call a plumber who said that when they rebuilt this house after the 1986 fire they didn’t install the proper size of flange under the potty, and therefore there is now a crack/hole in the flange area, and roots are getting into this pipe, and that means water is coming in, and that means moisture is getting under the new Pergo . . . and could cause black mold as well as ruin the Pergo? He quoted $1800 to weld that and “fix” it. I was having to charge his $360 for that day’s work on a credit card, so I told him maybe later. We had the Pergo put in so that Mama would have a nice new floor; the rest of the house has the carpet from Ickland. Now that Pergo is going to be ruined. *sob* I think I caught a germ when that guy had the potty taken apart and rolled that “snake” into the house through my living room in order to run it down the line. (They don’t get on top of your house or use the outdoor cleanouts any more because of liability, he said.) Is it any wonder I wanna go on another trip? A LONG trip to, say, coastal California.

The ice IS melting, but it is supposed to re-freeze tonight as black ice on the roads. Whee!


Author: shalanna

Shalanna: rhymes with "Madonna" and "I wanna," and is not a soundalike with "Hosanna" or "Sha-Na-Na." Aging hippie with long hair, husband, elderly mother, and yappy Pomeranian. I've been writing since I could hold a crayon. I started with fiction, which Mama said was "lying." “Don’t tell stories,” she would admonish, in Southern vernacular. “That's all in your imagination!” When grownups said this, they were not approving. So, shamed, I stopped telling stories for a few years--rather, I stopped letting anyone read them. I'm married to a fellow computer nerd who doesn't really like hearing about writing, but who reads sf/fantasy and understands the creative drive. I'm actually a nonconformist/hippie still wearing bluejeans and drop earrings and the Alice-in-Wonderland hair with headbands and sandals. Favorite flavor is chocolate/orange, favorite color is either Dreamsicle orange (cantaloupe) or bubble-gum pink, favorite musical is either Bye Bye Birdie, Rocky Horror, or The Producers . . . wait, I also love The Music Man. Is this getting way too specific and irrelevant yet? Obvious why I don't sell a ton of flash fiction, isn't it? To define oneself, I always say, it is good to make a list. How about a booklist? Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird Frank and Ernestine Gilbreth, Cheaper by the Dozen C.S.Lewis, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (all the Narnia books) J.R.R.Tolkien,The Hobbit/LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy Gail Godwin, The Odd Woman F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby J. D. Salinger, Catcher in the Rye (before dismissing it, actually read it) George Orwell, 1984 Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle Donna Tartt, The Secret History Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn James Allen, As A Man Thinketh Mark Winegardner, Elvis Presley Boulevard James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times The Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum Winnie-the-Pooh/House at Pooh Corner, A. A. Milne Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie The KJV and NIV Bible (each translation has its glories)

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