The Nuge! In front of the Alamo! What am I doing not THERE?

I should’ve been paying attention. Today I could have driven down to San Antonio for that Tea Party Protest Rally with Glenn Beck and TED NUGENT XOXOX. But not because I particularly believe in the cause or whatnot . . . I haven’t analyzed the taxation changes sufficiently to take a stand, and I am still on the fence about our terrible situation in overspending the taxpayer’s money that hasn’t even been paid in yet. But!! I would have wanted to be there to see all the Alamo historians talk (my friend Elaine Vetter’s sister used to be the Alamo historian–the lady who spoke onstage today might have been her, in fact!) and to hear Ted Nugent playing the Star-Spangled Banner in the manner of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock! Rawr!

[EDIT: I knew it! Somebody YouTubed it. Here ’tis!

(This link will take you away from LJ. I didn’t embed it–I just linked)]

[EDIT2: Just thought o’ something that perhaps not everyone has noticed yet.

Isn’t it WONDERFUL that our conservative brothers and sisters have now realized that peaceful protest and demonstrating against decisions by our government are patriotic and laudable, when a while back it was totally unpatriotic and shameful/sinful and all but criminal when WE semi-progressive-types were doing it against THEIR majority . . . but now that it is THEM, aha, the right of peaceful assembly is once again invoked and loved! Funny, ain’t it, how that works? I had to laugh. This is exactly why I support their right to do it–so later on, I could do it if I needed to! Not that I am all that progressive or liberal any more, or that I am all that conservative, either, but I have ALWAYS supported your/my/our right to peaceably assemble and protest! That is indeed a Constitutional cornerstone of this republic.]

I am not in line with Ted Nugent on many issues, but what we have in common is being nonconforming individualists, opinionated SOBs, and native Texans. I wouldn’t want to shoot anything with ANYthing, let alone a bow and arrow (even though I am 1/16 Choctaw . . . they are peaceable–you’re thinking of the Cherokee, who are more warlike); I think he was unreasonably hard on Barack and Hillary and has said some things I completely disagree with; I don’t even like ALLLL of his political views *grin*, but I tell you the man is an amazing guitar player. And still has long hair! Woo!

Someone will YouTube that segment off of FoxNews eventually so you can hear the Star-Spangled Banner. (DONE–SEE ABOVE!)

And if you don’t know the history of the Alamo, you should find out. It’s fascinating. The original “draw a line in the sand” challenge went out to Santa Anna from William Travis. (Wondered why there’s a Travis street in every Texas town? And a Bowie, a Crockett, a Lamar? It’s all there in Texas history.)

“Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an
unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some men at the expense of
others.”~~Ayn Rand


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