A little less conversation, a little more action!

OMG! They have the My Little Pony Pegasus Dresss in my size!

How many should I order? (In case I stain or tear the first one or something)

I updated that Canyon Creek Daily Photo neighborhood website with some photos from the Easter egg hunt. If you live here, you might want to see them. Your kids are probably in at least one shot! (Yes, I know a “daily photo blog” is supposed to have more than two entries per year. Sigh.)

In other news . . . there is no other news yet. No word from the editor who is supposed to take a look at that chapter. Still waiting for the end of several contests. Nothing from the place that publishes mysteries. And although I had a sonogram of my carotid arteries this morning, I don’t have the results yet. (Terrifying.)

Curling up with Jack Lynch’s latest book on the English language now.


Happy Earth Day!

Go plant a tree or something. The squirrels in my yard have taken care of their obligation to do that many a time. I have junk trees galore coming out of my old flowerpots.

“Earth Day Every Day” was the 1970s slogan. I used to have bumper stickers to that effect, but since I didn’t have a car (I wasn’t even 10 yet), I put them on the inside of my closet door with my Micky Dolenz posters.

A drunkard’s dream if I ever did see one

I won an editor critique in that charity auction a couple of weeks ago. The editor, an assistant at Harlequin, e-mailed me to say that she was happy to get my chapter and would get back to me within two weeks. Well, the two-week mark passed last Tuesday. This weekend, it’s a big holiday . . . Easter Sunday celebrations, Passover wraps up, and both Shakespeare and my mother have a birthanalia. So I wouldn’t expect the editor to look at it over the weekend.

The question is . . . how long should I wait to hear back without sending an e-mail message to remind the editor that she has this in her queue? She said in her initial response that she was “at my disposal” to answer questions, but she hasn’t responded to either of my e-mail messages that just had general questions. I suppose she is dreading it, having to look at “junk that came in from some idiot,” worse than slush, etc. Of course I was hoping she would like the chapter well enough to be interested in seeing the full manuscript. But anyhow, I’ll bet she has blocked it out of her mind.

My $$$ went to help Japan; she didn’t get any money. She donated her time. So we really only have a moral agreement, not a binding obligation or anything. I also don’t want to irritate her and motivate her to skim through a couple of pages and then send the standard, “Join a critique group and write a million words.”

So. Here’s the poll (you knew it was coming):

At least I didn’t spend $700 to get the Berkley Prime Crime editor. I needed that to get my bees taken out, anyway. I can think of better ways to spend that tax refund, but I have to admit the guy was efficient and good at what he does. I hope the bees and queen are happy in their new skep. Honey on, Bizzy.

If you’re in the mood for some comic relief, madwriter speaks out on how Literacy Comes Full Circle. Ha! OMG LOL TRU DAT

It was cloudy, drizzly, and overcast. We ran to WallyWorld for additional useless purchases (ostensibly detergent and stain remover, but I picked up four lip pencils by Hard Candy–really gorgeous colors, only $6 each–and a blush that looks only slightly flushed . . . and an Easter basket for Hubs . . . and five $5 CDs out of the bargain bin to fill it). On the way, we saw the thistles are in full bloom.

And the birds visited.

Bye bye blackbird

Pick a little, talk a little

I also got the “Yes to blueberries” eye cream and an Aveeno hand cream. It was really a splurge for a drudge. I am ready to have some success and funsies. Hear that, Universe? And none of your tricks, now. I don’t consider having a bee infestation “one of those cool things that could only happen to you.”

Bee’s knees and other anatomical bits

The beeman was successful.

A few of them found a way in through the window. There’s probably hail damage to the caulk or whatever sealant stuff we have around that window–we have had hail that’s pea-sized or a little larger twice now. But we managed to swat them. I felt bad, because hey–they came back from gathering nectar to find the family gone and the house sealed up. Still, we’re bigger and I hate pain, so we sent ’em down the drain. A moment of silence.

It rained again today. We have wildflowers along part of the alley.

But, man! It was 97 today inside the van when I came out of Wally World with the groceries. In April? Before Easter or Shakespeare’s/Mama’s birthday! This does not bode well for the torture that is summer.